10 Best Spring Break Destinations For Making Really Shitty Decisions With Your Girls!

It’s hard to believe that this seemingly never ending winter is finally almost over. The semester may not be quite close to finished, but that hardly matters because it’s nearly time for the best part of the yearspring break! Is it even senior year if you don’t jet off to a warm beach for the week with your BFFs? The only thing you should be stressing about right now is where to go. This list will help you pick the perfect spot to cut loose, relax, and make some really shitty decisions with your girls!


Cancun, Mexico

As a staple of all spring break destination lists, you can’t go wrong with Cancun. Have your friend Lexi whose aunt works for a travel agency set you all up at an all-inclusive resort. You’ll come home without a single memory from the trip because you’ll be blacked out the entire time on the free domestic beer and deceptively delicious mix drinks. One of the gals might get alcohol poisoning along the way, but hey, that’s spring break!


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If Cancun isn’t for you, consider Puerto Vallarta as an alternative. Puerto Vallarta was voted the number one spot to spend the day by the pool sipping a boozy slushie, fall asleep for a few hours, and wake up with second degree sunburn. You’ll spend the rest of the trip indoors slathering on aloe and crying, but when the burn fades, you’ll have the most amazing tan!


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is the definition of spring break trip. Spend the week drinking, laughing, and dancing with your ladies. This is the perfect spot to lose your wallet at a club while getting down on the dancefloor on your very first night. You’ll have to ask your parents to wire you money since all of your cash and credit cards were in your wallet. When they say no, you’ll have to guiltily borrow money from your friends all week and they’ll definitely resent you, but hey, the amazing views will make up for it!


Nassau, Bahamas

Is there more classic a spring break spot than the Bahamas? Of course not! The Bahamas are the perfect spot for taking shots with your girls, having a meaningful discussion about how you’ll be BFFs forever, and agreeing to get matching dolphin friendship tattoos. You can get your tat in a subtle spot like your lower back, so when you’re 40 it’s much easier to keep it out of sight and out of mind!
South Padre Island, Texas

No passport? No problem! There are plenty of great spring break spots right at home in the U.S. Spend your break on South Padre Island, strolling the beaches and soaking up sun. Along the water’s edge you’ll probably find a bunch of washed up jellyfish. A pic of you holding one would make the perfect spring break Insta post, so go ahead and pick one up. Of course, the jellyfish will sting you and your BFF Courtney will have to piss on your hand, but it’ll be a great story to tell when you get home!


Panama City Beach, Florida

Considering the popularity of Panama City, you’re almost guaranteed to run into someone you knew back in high school. If you’re lucky, it’ll be the popular guy Tyler who you totally had a crush on but who totally didn’t know you existed. Now that you’ve gotten your braces off and turned hot, you and Tyler will probably hook up on the beach. There will be sand in all the wrong places, and you will most certainly regret it in the morning, especially because Tyler spent all four years of college chugging beer and is not the athletic hottie he used to be. Don’t worry, your girls will be there for you when you end up taking a pregnancy test in the sorority house bathroom a few weeks later (it’ll come back negative, but it’ll definitely give you a scare)!


Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona is where your older sister spent her spring break and she said it was the best week of her life, so why not give it a shot! Spend the week partying with your girls and hooking up with hotties, and finish out the week by losing a wet t-shirt contest! That’s right, all the other girls will have way better tits, but you’ll be too drunk to care!


Key West, Florida

Last but not least for the best Florida destinations is Key West. If you’d rather spend your break taking on exciting water activities than partying, this is the spot for you. Key West is known for its coral reefs, which are perfect for exploring while snorkeling in a string bikini. A string from your bottoms is sure to get caught on the reef, and you’ll be forced to head back to the beach with your ass on display for all to see. Just hope no one has their camera phone out and ready!


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is the best choice if you’re looking for a genuinely relaxing spring break. You and your BFFs can kick off your morning in the hot tub sipping screwdrivers, then spend the day lounging around without changing out of your wet swimsuits. You’ll probably wind up in the E.R. at the end of the trip with the worst UTI you’ve ever had, but it’s so worth it for that laid back vacation experience!


New Orleans, Louisiana

If a beach trip isn’t for you, consider heading down south to good old New Orleans. Jazz, jambalaya, and Bourbon Street will turn this spring break into the trip of a lifetime. While walking around sipping hurricanes (NOLA doesn’t have open container laws!), you can make the impulsive decision to flash your tits for beads! It won’t be Mardi Gras while you’re down there so odds are you won’t get any beads, but everyone will definitely see your tatas. Someone will probably be filming and the video will probably end up online. But as long as no future employers see it, who cares? It’s spring break, baby!

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