10 Office Holiday Party Outfits That Can Be Turned Inside Out & Worn To Work The Next Day So No One Knows You Slept With Larry From I.T.

Let’s cut to the chase: your office holiday party is going to have an open bar. The I.T. guy Larry is the only guy in the office who’s even close to your age. You’re gonna get drunk. You’ll probably go home with him. Don’t worry, that’s not the focus here. Let’s talk about holiday party outfit options:

1. A cute patterned button-up won’t feature the pattern inside, so when you turn it inside out in your rush to get out of Larry’s apartment and to work on time, it’ll look like a totally different shirt!

2. Try a sleek black sweater with a cutesie holiday image on the front. When worn inside out it turns into a plain black sweater — totally inconspicuous. Bonus: the dark color won’t show any of Larry’s deep brown hairs, should you end up with a few stuck to it.

3. You can’t go wrong with a classic silver dress. Hide the fact it’s inside out the next day by borrowing a cardigan from Larry to throw on top. Just make sure it’s not one he regularly wears, or people will definitely notice.

4. Try a layered look, like a fancy top under a cute bomber jacket. The next morning you can zip the bomber jacket up to create a totally new look. People will just assume you’re cold. (Turning the fancy top inside out is optional on this one, as no one will see it anyway.)

5. Tis the season to break out a white and red dress. Bonus: when you turn this one inside out the next morning, the white will hide all deodorant marks from the night before!

6. A turtleneck with a bold necklace is a holiday party classic. Take the necklace off the next day, turn the turtleneck inside out to hide those wine stains, and you’ve got the perfect look for that 9am meeting! Bonus: the turtleneck will easily hide any hickeys from the night before.

7. No holiday party outfit list is complete without the staple little black dress. Little black dresses are so common and simple, people honestly won’t remember you wore it the night before. There’s nothing stand-out about it. Seriously.

8. Don’t be afraid to try a dress with a bold design. When you turn it inside out the next morning, all of the strings from the embroidery will create a weird, abstract look. You’re the resident office ‘hipster’ — your coworkers will all just assume they’re not up on the latest fashion trends.

9. Try a sleek blazer. Instead of turning it inside out in the AM, simply but it on backwards. People will be so distracted by this unique choice, they won’t think about the fact it’s the same blazer from the night before!

10. A classic stunning cocktail dress is never out of place. Wear your winter coat over it all day the next day. People will assume you’re on your way out and won’t stop to chat, so the fact that you went home with Larry just won’t come up!

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