3 Workouts That Will Make Your Mom and Dad Get Back Together

A perfect squat can reverse years of therapy, if you work hard enough!

Many young women are constantly looking for new workouts to spice up their fitness routine. Our fitness experts have weighed in on this year’s hottest trends. These workouts are so amazing they are even able to get your divorced parents back together.

But don’t worry if you can’t get any of these done, your family won’t be too upset. After all, it was your fault they broke up in the first place!

Become a master in Krav Maga
A martial art used by the Israeli defense forces, perfecting this workout will definitely guarantee a family reunion. Becoming a master takes months of grueling hard work, but it will be worth it when you see how happy your mom is to finally have a man back in her life. Plus, on the off chance you need to enlist in the Israeli army, you’ll be all set.

Complete a CrossFit workout while on a juice cleanse
Doing a juice cleanse can be a physical test, so why not do a CrossFit work out on top of that? You may pass out and need medical attention, but you’ll look skinny while doing it.
If you can make that work, maybe your parents can make their broken marriage work.

Paddleboard yoga on the Amazon River
What sounds more intense than paddle boarding, down dog, and piranha infested waters? I can’t think of anything! This dangerous workout will be sure to bring the family together for the holidays.

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