4 Date Ideas That Say ‘I’m Only Dating Him for the Instagrams’

You’ve been dating your new boyfriend, Bobbie, for about three months now. Even though he’s got a sick job at a tech start-up in San Francisco and makes sure you cum first at least half of the time, you’re only really dating him because of the aesthetic he adds to your Instagram. All those couple pics have been getting you way more likes than the usual shots of your Chipotle burritos. Plus, all your friends are jealous you’re in such a sick relationship!

So if you are finding yourself running out of ideas, you’re in luck! Here are four date ideas that say ‘I’m only dating him for the Instagrams’.


Get baptized together

This is a perfect date if you look amazing in white! Surprise your man by blindfolding him, driving him to a Catholic mass, and getting down to the blood of Christ and body of heaven. Who cares if he’s Jewish, the amount of likes you’ll get on your Instagram is worth it!


Pan for gold

I don’t know why anyone didn’t think of this sooner, because this is such an awesome date idea. Your followers will be like ‘Wow! Marlena is always going on such trendy dates with her boyfriend.’ It’s also perfect if your Etsy jewelry business isn’t making any money and you need some extra spending cash!


Go to Ikea and open all the cabinet drawers

Now THIS is what it’s all about! Go to your neighborhood Ikea and open all the cabinet drawers, then snap a pic of your spontaneous adventure with your beau. The meatballs will keep him occupied just long enough to choose the perfect filter, and the likes will come pouring in.


Paint a mural for cyber-bullying victims

This is a great idea for a date to let your followers know your boyfriend is merely a prop to help you gain a bigger social media following. Painting a mural for cyber-bullying victims is both philanthropic and a perfect photo-op!

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