4 Sex Positions That Don’t Actually Feel Good, But at Least You Can Brag to Your Friends That You’ve Tried It

Getting sick of your routine? Need it spice things up in bed? Or just need to try some new sex positions so you can brag to your friends that you’ve tried them? We’ve come up with the perfect list of sex positions that don’t actually feel good and really aren’t even humanly possible, but at least your friends will think you’re super adventurous for trying them!


The Erotic Accordion

Have your partner lay on his back and lift up his knees like he’s a baby who needs his diaper changed. Then sit on top of him and ride until both of you are completely turned off and cringing from awkwardness. After you both give up on the sex all together, immediately text your friends that you’ve tried the Erotic Accordion! They will all be so envious.


The Drowning Cowgirl

Do a headstand underwater and have your man hold your legs above your head while he penetrates you from behind. While you may be at the risk of drowning, the pure shock factor of this sex position will have your friends in awe!


Dangerous Doggy-Style

Get on all fours while your man prepares to enter you from behind. Right before he’s about to start, delicately place a fire ant farm on your back. This will bring the danger to another level. Though this position really doesn’t do it for us and is really just stupid, at least your gals will worship you for being a kinky sex freak.


Musical Chairs

This position really sucks! Have him sit in a chair while you mount him. Just when it starts to feel good, get up and move to the next chair in your house. We can promise neither of you will cum, but your friends will seriously be so impressed!

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