5 Cutesy Things to Do With Your BFF That’ll Distract Her from the Fact You’re Banging Her Boyfriend

Throwing up together at the bar and getting brunch together just so you can post a pretty picture of your food is getting old, chicas. You need some new activities to do with BFF. Look no further because here are five insanely fun things to do with your PIC. She’ll have so much fun she won’t even realize that you’re screwing her boyfriend. But, uh, I do recommend wiping that ‘I just got dicked down’ smile off your face before you see her.


Write your tombstone epitaphs together

All good bitches die young, so you might as well plan out your gravestone quote ahead of time. Bounce ideas off each other and exchange rough drafts. Time is ticking, you could die tomorrow tbh. Get writing and consult Pinterest for some gravestone inspo! Plus, your bestie will be so busy pondering her own mortality that she won’t even notice you’ve been texting her boyfriend the whole time.


Get arrested together

All besties go to jail together. It’s like a commandment in the BFF handbook. Pick your poison—what crime will send y’all hoes to jail? Brainstorm ways to get arrested over some frozen margs, and then, as Nike would say, just do it. Get arrested. Tell your dog you love them, and then, yeah, BYE. But just make sure you don’t use your one phone call on Doug, your BFF’s boyfriend. That would be suspicious.


Pulverize her in a boxing match

Tell her you wanna have a BFF workout, and then BAM, POW, whoop her ass in the boxing ring. Or deck her in the face, so automatically you’re the prettier bitch. You gotta show your best friend in the entire world that you are stronger, superior, and more powerful than her clueless weak ass. Doug can be the referee. She’ll be so impressed with your mad skills, she won’t ever realize you’re sleeping with Doug. You’ll also burn a lot of calories!

Get tested for STD’s together

Since you’re banging the same dude, who even knows even what’s going on in anyone’s genitalia at this point? Y’all should get tested. It will be a fun friend activity. Make a snapchat story of it! Holds each other’s hands in the waiting room. Hopefully the results won’t tragically destroy your life!


Crash your car into a bridge

Two great ladies once said “I crashed my car into the bridge, I don’t care, I love it.” Okay spoiler, it was music duo Icona Pop. Maybe if you crash your car into a bridge with your bestie, and have a carefree attitude about it, you two will become successful too! Probably not, but enjoy paying for car repairs and taking the bus to work in the meantime. Or you could just have Doug drive you both around, which might be weird since, once again you’re sleeping with him!

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