5 Hats That Say ‘I Totally Don’t Have a Yeast Infection’

Unfortunately, ladies, we have all been there. That all-too-familiar itch in your nether regions. Yes, I’m talking the good ole yeast infection. When you get that bacteria all up in your snap, it’s possible to not get destroyed from the bottom on up, but to rebrand from the top on down and sport a hat that really shows how healthy you are! Below are five accessories that’ll tell everyone your PH balance is normal. 


1. Large Sun Hat

This option is perfect for a summer day, when the sun is fully blazing. The larger the better. The most successful sunhats are heavy, and make it hard to keep your head on straight. That way, anyone near you will be worried, but not because of your secret issue.


2. Baseball Hat

If you’re going for that “cool girl” aestethic, grab an old cap from the back of your brother’s closet. Double points if it’s stained. Just kick back with the guy friends, the boyf, the boyf’s pals,  munch on some wings. Maybe take a rip or two of that gravity bong if you’re feeling it. No one will ever suspect that your vagina is for anything other than sex. 


3. Beanie

A cute beanie can make an outfit. Just add this perfect accessory for a quick errand run or late night at the beer garden and your look is complete! Everyone will be too busy asking where you got your hat that they won’t notice you’ve been scratching your veegee for the past hour. 


4. Fedora

No one wants to talk to someone in a fedora. Throw this guy on and we guarantee you and your vag will be left alone.


5. Beret

Ah bonjour, belle!  You need not worry about mere common folk, for you are haute couture now. You are the entirety of haute couture. The only yeast people will notice is the ingredient in the baguettes you will be literally tossing by the dozen. 

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