6 Cute Names to Give Your Boyfriend’s Penis That Also Say ‘I Want to Try Anal’

Sometimes saying what you really want in the bedroom can be hard. Fortunately, we came up with a few ways to let your boyfriend know you’re into anal without having to explicitly say anything! Try using some of these nicknames for his little guy and see if he gets the hint!


Willy Wonka

This name is for the boyfriend who really picks up on all your subtleties. He will understand where the “willy” comes from, for sure. But Willy Wonka is a subtle reference to chocolate, which is an even more subtle reference to poop, which comes from your butt.



This is especially useful for the religious boyfriend. He might not want to have vaginal intercourse because you aren’t married. When you’re watching TV, poke his pelvic region and say in a cute voice “Does Gomorrah want to come out and play?” He’ll instantly know the reference to the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah and will know that you’re trying to tell him sodomy rocks.


The Intestinator

The Intestinator is a really fun one! It sounds kind of like The Terminator, so you can use a funny Arnold Schwarzenegger voice when talking to his penis. Grab his penis, make it a puppet, and have it say “I’ll be back!” just like Arnold. He’ll also know when you say that, you mean that you want him to put it in your “back,” if you will.  Also, “The Intestinator” is fun because during anal, if he tries hard enough, he may hit your intestine!



Everyone knows dudes named Tim love putting it in your butt. Take off his pants, look at his erect penis and say “Hi, Tim!” while waving emphatically. Then, turn around, spread your cheeks open and say “Does Tim want to go spelunking????” and he’ll get the picture.



Black holes…need we say more?  


Please Kyle, Can We Please, Please, Please Have Anal? I’ve Always Wanted to Try It

If your boyfriend really hasn’t gotten the message after all these nicknames, this one is sure to get him. Pull off his pants, get on your knees and yell that directly to his penis. If he is confused and asks why you are yelling that at him, tell him no, you aren’t yelling that at him, you’re just naming his penis something cute!

These nicknames are sure to get your boyfriend to understand you want to try anal. And if not, we don’t know how to help you. You definitely can’t just ask him, because that would just be weird.

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