A Sign from God? Woman Hears ‘Ridin Solo’ in Crowded Bar and Finally Feels Okay About Jeremy

Jennifer Smith finally found clarity this past Saturday at a crowded bar in the East Village. After five vodka cranberries, three gin and tonics, and one Bud Light as a nod to her hometown (go Cards), Jennifer heard the song she needed to hear in that moment. As the clock struck 3am, Jennifer climbed up top of a pool table and sung her heart out to Jason Derulo’s 2010 pop hit “Ridin’ Solo”.

“Things have been pretty rough since Jeremy and I broke up,” said Jen. “I heard the song come on and I was like, um, wow, is this a sign from God?”

Though standing and sitting are not allowed on any elevated surfaces at this bar, the bar staff made an exception for Jennifer.

“They could tell I was going through something,” Jen expressed. “I’m telling you, something just clicked in my head, and my heart, when I heard the lyrics ‘I’m solo. I’m riding solo. I’m riding solo. I’m riding solo. Solo.’”

According to Jennifer, the whole bar cheered her on and applauded at the end.

“I’m not crazy religious or anything, but I feel like a higher power put on that song just for me and was like, ‘Hey! Jennifer! You’re a really cool girl.’ The whole place was so supportive and I just knew in that moment that everything would be okay.”

When asked about Jennifer’s moment of clarity, best friend Claire Dunbar said, “I mean, sure. I don’t know. We were all fucking wasted. Standing on pool tables is definitely not allowed at that place and they literally had to drag her down. They threw ice at her for two minutes trying to get her to shut the fuck up. Also, the song was Let Me Love You by Ne-Yo, not Riding Solo. What a fucking idiot. She does this every Saturday. I snapped the whole thing though, look.”

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