Adam Levine’s Super Bowl Dream Comes True Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Adam Levine enjoyed the biggest milestone of his “career” on Sunday. With the support of the NFL and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Adam finally got his dream of playing the Super Bowl halftime show.
“This just restores your faith in humanity,” said Kylie Rhee, 30, a nurse practitioner who stood outside Mercedes-Benz Stadium. “As divisive as times are, it’s wonderful to know that so many people would rally around this brave boy to make him think he’s a superstar.”
Along with Rhee, millions of Americans came together at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta to help Adam realize his dream of feeling like a legitimate performer. By all accounts, the groundswell of civic support even caught Make-A-Wish by surprise.
When Adam started making music several years ago, his family asked the foundation to spread the word.
“They honestly didn’t have a plan and certainly didn’t think folks would actually listen,” says Bibi Marquez, director of outreach for Make-A-Wish. “But you just can’t underestimate the compassion of the American public when it really matters.”

Over 10 years later, folks continue to get behind the little guy. From hosting gigs to TV guest spots, everyone wants Adam to believe that he’s special.

“It wasn’t long before we were getting e-mails and tweets from all over the world. When word spread that Adam wanted to be seen as a sex symbol, the moms out there really got on board, celebrating his malnourished body and encouraging him to wear tank tops and get more tattoos,” said Marquez. “It’s been amazing. It’s truly developed a life of its own.”
“When he showed up for his ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ photo shoot, it was just adorable,” said People magazine editor Vivian Marlowe. People launched a similar campaign a year later to help out Adam’s friend Blake.
“Look, I don’t know what terminal disease these two are suffering from,” responded actual sexy man Idris Elba, “but if I could step aside and let these poor kids think they’re in my league, why the hell not? It feels good to give back.”
Still, all these acts of goodwill were just a warm-up for when Adam took the stage on Super Bowl Sunday. “You know, he was pretty good!” chuckled landscaper Kent Harkin. “Sure, he wasn’t Bruce Springsteen or Lady Gaga or that British guy, but I guess you can’t just keep asking Justin Timberlake back and that Prince hologram sounds like a no-go, so why not give it to someone less fortunate?”
“Most of my family wanted to change the channel and watch an old episode of Storage Wars I had DVR-ed,” said Tasha Becker, 18, “but I kept it on. If my taking a little time to watch him do what he considers singing helps ease his pain, then I’m happy to oblige.”
Adam’s mother thanked Make-A-Wish and the estimated 100 million people who were helping make her son’s wish come true.”None of this would have been possible without all the hard work of countless executives, marketing experts, press agents, and especially the generous people out there who continue to make Adam feel talented and charismatic. We could never have pulled this off without your support.”

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