Amazing! Woman Is Still Able to Send Drunk Text to Her Ex After Losing Both Arms In Accident

Erika Potter, a 23-year-old grad student from Tucson, Arizona, recently lost both arms in a terrible rollerblading accident. Doctors told her she would have to learn how to live without limbs, which they all described as a daunting task. Erika, who has always been determined and willing, said she would still find a way to text her ex, even if she didn’t have arms.

Erika told us that losing both her arms would not stop her from getting in contact with her former boyfriend, Kyle Reed.

“When I first looked down and noticed I had lost both of my arms, my first thought was I would have to find another way to wiggle my way back into Kyle’s life.”

Kyle, who had hoped Erika had finally moved on, was shocked to receive a text message from her saying “Kyel i msis youo”

“I was like, ‘wait what I thought you lost both your arms?’” Kyle said. “It was super weird.”

Erika told us she spent about two weeks vigorously learning how to type using her nose and toes.

“It was mentally and physically exhausting, especially because I have an LG Chocolate,” says Erika. “At the end of the day though, I’m just so glad I found a way to keep our toxic relationship alive.”

Erika hopes she and Kyle will get back together soon, just so they can break up and start the vicious cycle all over again.

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