“An Eviction Notice, Corn on the Cob Holders, and a Ronald Reagan Bobblehead”: What’s in Miranda Kerr’s Bag?

Today, we met with Miranda Kerr on the set of her new athleisure line “Sexy Little Homebody”. The supermodel was kind enough let us peek into her bag!


The Pink Canoe: Thank you so much for having us, Miranda! Can you tell us a little bit about your bag?

Miranda Kerr: I’d love to! This is one of my favorite purses. It’s a pink and green velour Juicy Couture handbag I’ve had since middle school and it’s a great staple piece.

TPC: So cute! What’s in it?

MK: Well, I just cleaned it out, so this might not be too exciting. Let’s see…there’s an eviction notice, corn on the cob holders, a bobblehead of Ronald Reagan (Karlie Kloss gave me this after our first VS Fashion show!), moldy snow peas, a DVD of Blades of Glory (my favorite movie), loose Hubba Bubba, and the remains of my daughter’s pet rabbit.

TPC: Wow, so minimalistic! And you carry this stuff everywhere you go?

MK: Yep, just the essentials. Behind all the glamour and fame, I’m just a simple girl.


While we wished we could’ve stayed and chatted more with Miranda, she had to run to her Level 2 Improv class performance. Check back next week when we take a look into Khloe Kardashian’s compost bin!

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