‘Can I Bitch For a Second?’ A New Memoir by Gloria Steinem

Even feminist icons need a gossip sesh now and then.

Gloria Steinem, women’s rights activist and spokeswoman for the feminist movement, is scheduled to release her second memoir, Can I Bitch For a Second? in March 2017.

Steinem, when recently asked about the book at a panel discussion in Brooklyn, said she is excited to show her more playful side in the upcoming book.

“Everyone thinks that because I’m a political activist that I don’t do normal girl things,” Steinem says, “But sometimes I just want to drink a strong fruity cocktail and talk about all the shit I’m fed up with.”

Fans of the author have much to look forward to, like the chapter “Forget dismantling the patriarchy, my Postmates delivery is 30 minutes late” or “I’m sorry, but when did Lena Dunham become cooler than me?” or “Fuck! Kylie’s Holiday Lip Kit is sold out”.

Avid Steinem enthusiast Sierra Black is looking forward to getting to know the author’s qualms with the world.

“I know what Gloria thinks of equal pay, but how does she feel about long bathroom lines or the man bun?” Sierra says.

Readers can pick up a copy of Steinem’s new book at their local feminist bookstore.

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