Cyber Monday Deal! 15% off David’s Bridal Wedding Gowns That Women Were Too Dead To Wear!

Happy Cyber Monday! There’s plenty of amazing discounts out there, but this deal is sure to top them all. David’s Bridal is giving 15% off gowns worn by women who died before their wedding.

Now wait, before you take to Twitter asking all your followers if this is real, it totally is. We couldn’t believe it either. 15% off?! In this economy?! Such a steal.

David’s Bridal CEO Arnold Hamilton thought of the idea after many distraught widows were trying to return their fiancées’ wedding dresses. While the company has a strict no refund policy, they wanted to do something to help. So he created the “Bridal Buy Back Cyber Monday Deal To Support The Husband’s of The Deceased and Also For Fashion” program, in which 10% of the profit from the 15% off gowns go to the husbands!

Brides-to-be are also ecstatic about this discount.

“Weddings are expensive!” says Millie Green, who already has 16 Pinterest boards dedicated to planning the perfect day. “So when I saw this deal I was ecstatic. Sure, it’s pretty weird that the only reason I could buy it at such a low price is because someone died, but I’ve been looking for a Vera Wang mermaid dress for months!”

With your purchase of the gown also comes a short bio of the woman who, unfortunately, passed away before she was able to wear her dream dress down the isle.

So head on over to David’s Bridal before the sale ends at midnight! And just remember, one woman’s tragedy is another woman’s opportunity.

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