Despite Swearing Off Love, This Woman Fell For Her Self-Defense Class Mannequin

Kendra Driscoll, 27, had just gotten out of a long-term relationship.

“It was a good breakup,” said Driscoll, “we both needed it. And I decided to just take some time for myself.”

Driscoll, who had a history of jumping from relationship to relationship, decided it would be different this time. “I began to throw myself into new activities and really grow as a person,” she insisted. It had been a few years since Driscoll expressed herself creatively, and she was ready to find a new outlet. But embarking on this endeavor would show her that love has a way of showing up in the most unexpected places.

“In college I’d taken a glass blowing class and that was awesome,” Driscoll recalled as she reflected on previous artistic efforts, “So I decided to try pottery.”

After the first class Driscoll realized pottery wasn’t for her.

“It was so messy, and it was just a bunch of old widows and widowers who were trying to hook up. Not for me.”

Dropping her pottery class, Driscoll decided to take things in a different direction.

“For years, my mom had been trying to convince me to take a self-defense class.”

We reached out to her mother, who gave us her side of the story: “I wanted Kendra to know how to take care of herself. If she met someone in a dark alley, I wanted her to know what to do. Though I told her she had no business being in alleys in the first place, and to only travel on well-lit streets. But you know how her generation is, always looking for shortcuts.”

Driscoll finally let her mother sign her up for a local self-defense class, a class that would soon change everything. “It wasn’t immediate, like you see in the movies,” insists Driscoll, “it was slow. That’s how you know it’s real. I saw him on the first day. The instructor referred to him as Bob. He was a black plastic base from the waist down, but from the waist up he was the most handsome man I’d ever seen. Still, I didn’t let myself feel anything right away.”

Remembering her promise to herself to stay away from love, Driscoll threw efforts into the class. But soon she was showing up to the dojo for ‘extra practice’ every night of the week. Those late nights with Bob, she says, are what did it.

“I would be at the dojo until 11 or 12 at night. And it was just Bob and me. I’d be practicing my self-defense moves on him, and then one night I found myself embracing him. I stared at him, noticing the way his face blended right into his hair, no distinction between the two, and that was it. It was fruitless to resist the feelings any longer.”

After only six short months of dating, Driscoll and Bob are now happily engaged.

“It was magnetic. Once I let myself fall for Bob, there was no stopping things. I want to spend the rest of my life with him, and he feels the same way. I know what people are thinking. They’re thinking, ‘Kendra, you just got out of a relationship. This is so fast.’ But you can’t stop true love. I can’t wait to be Mrs. Bob!”

Driscoll’s mother is supportive of the union, stating “I’m glad she finally found someone who isn’t going to try and control her. That never works. Trust me, I’ve tried! Yes, I’d say I’m happy for the two of them.”

Add Driscoll’s experience to the list of classic love stories, proving once again that love always wins!

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