First Date Moves That Tell Him You’re a Chill Girl, Not a Demonic Force Possessing a Human Host


First dates are nerve wracking. You only get one chance to make a first impression, which is a stressful thought when you’re trying to have a nice evening with someone you’ve only just met. You want your first impression to be that you’re chill. You definitely don’t want to give off the vibe that you’re a demonic force possessing a human host, ha ha ha. If all goes well, you and your date will click and the night will flow naturally. It’s tough to ensure a perfect evening, but here are a few tips to guide you in the right direction.


If he offers to pick you up for the date, let him. Don’t tell him you originally planned to get to the date by gliding through the air, powered by the souls of all you’ve overtaken. That’s a little freaky. Accept his offer for a ride. On the drive to the restaurant you’ll get a sense of the music he’s into, which will open up a great topic of conversation for during dinner!


Leave the black shroud at home and opt to wear something cute and flirty! Pick something hip and seasonal. You don’t have to go too colorful –remember, you’re trying to come across as chill. But that musty, thousand-year-old shroud gives off all the wrong vibes, so save it for the second or third date.


Get to know his quirks. If your date happens to chew with his mouth open or interrupts you mid-sentence, don’t freak out and recite an ancient curse to remove his mouth. Stay chill and let it go. Let’s be honest, you’ve definitely got your own quirks that your date is being kind enough to overlook!


If you’re going to speak Latin, do it clearly and confidently. Don’t murmur under your breath with your eyes rolled back into your head. Being bilingual is impressive, so show off your talent loudly and proudly. Not many people know Latin in this day and age. This is definitely a skill to share.


Finally, and most importantly, do not under any circumstances create a sinkhole in the middle of the restaurant that opens directly to Hell. It may feel like a good idea in the moment, but you’ll definitely regret it later. It is not chill. Believe it or not, watching other restaurant patrons unwittingly tumble into the pits of Hell is a turn off for a lot of guys.


As scary as first dates can be, they also can and should be fun! So don’t stress. If you two are meant to be, the date will go smoothly. If not, there are so many other guys out there. Relax, enjoy yourself, and above all else, hide your true self!

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