Fuck It: Zara Has Started Selling Sweaters With Ham Taped on Them

In an effort to stay relevant in today’s fashion world, Zara has begun selling sweaters with ham taped on them. After their release last week, president of the company Stacy Baum released a statement about the groundbreaking new design.

“Fashion is all about pushing the envelope,” says Stacy, who was wearing the new ham-sweater. “This sweater is a statement piece that is bound to have people doing a double take, and perhaps even make them a little hungry!”

Previous fans of the brand are utterly confused, some saying “ham?”, “wait what?”, and “is this an episode of Punk’d?”

The sweater, which is $168, is a limited edition piece that will only be in stores for a short while. Hurry up and get yo ham!

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