Hallmark Releases New Line of Passive Aggressive Greeting Cards To Give To Your Roommate

Hallmark has finally released their long awaited line of greeting cards. These aren’t just your average Mother’s Day greetings, this new collection includes beautifully designed passive aggressive greeting cards that you can  give to your roommate.

Women all over have been longing for such post cards. There’s no better way to tell your roommate you’re annoyed with her through passive aggression. It’s basically the only form of communication that exists between cohabiters.

Stella Bennett shares a Chicago apartment with Kelly Brooks, who is always leaving dishes in the sink and her dirty underwear in the bathroom. Stella said these cards will send the perfect message to her disrespectful roommate.

“These are perfect,” says Stella, “because I don’t want to actually tell Kelly I’m mad at her- I just want to her to just guess.”

Check out Hallmark’s newest collection here.

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