Having A Daughter #1 Reason Why Men in Hollywood Are Outraged By Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Hollywood has been rocked by the sexual assault accusations made against mega producer Harvey Weinstein. Even A-listers Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie have come out with their own horror stories of the sexual predator. But who are the people who have been affected the most by this? The men in Hollywood. But not all the men, only the ones who have daughters. And for that reason and that reason alone, they are able to sympathize with the victims.

Actors such as Matt Damon have come out saying they are ‘deeply disturbed’ by these actions because he has a daughter of his own and cannot imagine such a thing happening to her. But what about just imagining it happening to a woman you have no connection with whatsoever? Nope, not enough for the men of Hollywood to speak up.

We caught up with Jonah Hill, who doesn’t have any daughters of his own, outside of his LA home to get his opinion on the scandal.

“Look, its super sad and all,” says Jonah eating a panini on the go, “but I just don’t have a daughter, so I’m not really that upset. Maybe if I did, my sympathetic side would kick in, but right now I just want to enjoy my sandwich in peace.”

The more male celebrities we talked to, the more it seemed that having a daughter was the recurring reason that Hollywood hunks were so upset over Weinstein’s behavior.

E! News reporter, Kitty Morton, sat down with us to explain why men couldn’t just be upset because what happened was morally wrong.

“Men need female offspring to completely understand the gravity of sexual assault,” says Kitty. “Hearing sob stories from actresses just won’t do it for them.”

There you have it. Men in Hollywood seem to be increasingly more affected by the Weinstein scandal if they are raising a daughter. Because remember, it’s not enough to disown his actions because they are terrible and wrong!

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