Help! A Family of Tree Elves Are Now Living Inside the Pant Leg of My Bell Bottom Jeans

A few days after I bought these adorable pair of high rise bell bottom jeans, something strangely terrible happened. As I was getting dressed, small tree elves came from the neighboring forests to what they thought was their new home inside the pant legs of my bell bottom jeans.

I looked down, aghast at what was happening before my eyes! Tiny woodland-like creatures began cheering to their friends that MY bell bottom jeans would now be where they reside and give them shelter from the evil forest ogre.

I tried to shake off the magic fairies, but they were coming in groves. I tried to decipher who was their leader to reason with them, but it seems as if they’re governing under some rare form of Isocracy. As more and more elves arrived, I became powerless to their infinitesimal bodies.

All I wanted was a new pair of jeans that would elongate my legs that I could wear to the Thomas Rhett concert. What do I get? Attacked by a bunch of a happy tree friends who apparently think my pants are a great place to set up permanent shop. Free People, I want a refund!

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