Hometown Friends Eagerly Make Winter Break Plans That Will Inevitably Fall Through

It just wasn’t in the cards this year, or ever.

Winter Break is a time to celebrate family, tradition, and the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s also a time where we plan to get together with old friends we haven’t seen since graduation.

Victoria, a junior at Tufts University, is looking forward to getting the old gang back together.

“It’s been years since the Dream Team has all been in one place, and I’m really hoping this Christmas we can make it work,” Victoria says.

Jacob, a member of the Dream Team, says he just doesn’t think it’s going to pan out this time.

“You know, everyone is just really doing their own thing now,” says Jacob. “Sure, I’d love to relive the glory days, but I’m pretty busy working on a new app I’m starting.”

Amber, who hasn’t talked to any of her friends since 2013, really has no interest in having a reunion.

“Things in my modeling career are going really well for me. I just booked a print ad with Kohl’s,” says Amber. “Why would I want to hang out with the same people that said I would never be a model because of my ‘butter face’?”

Various members of the Dream Team have written in their home Group Me titled “Platonic friends until the end!” suggesting plans. David, whose house was the designated chill spot in high school, says he can’t have people over because his step mom just had jaw surgery.

Paige suggested that the crew get together and go bowling, a usual group favorite, but no one seemed interested. Soon everyone will stop putting in the effort, and the idea that once excited them all will fall to the wayside. Looks like, once again, the Dream Team won’t be reconnecting this break!

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