How to Get Out of Brunch Plans with Your Ugly Friend

Sometimes you aren’t in the mood to hang out with the DUFF, and we don’t blame you.

Getting together with friends is usually a joyful affair. It’s a time to catch up on tinder horror stories, receive compliments about your new haircut, and maybe even shit talk the girl you all used to be friends with until she ditched you for her new boyfriend. But sometimes, everyone cancels last minute and it becomes a one-on-one brunch date with your ugly friend.

Denise, a run-of-the-mill brunch-aholic, was disappointed to find out everyone else in the friend group bailed.

“I’m not trying to be mean, but Rachel has really let herself go and I just don’t think I want to see her today,” Denise says. “Is there any way I can get out of plans this late without hurting her feelings?”

Female friend expert, Melanie McGovern, has a few tips to share.

Text her the night before to let her know how excited you are for Brunch
Texting Rachel the night before will make it look like you really do want to go. More importantly, it will make it less suspicious when you cancel abruptly 10 minutes before.

Call the restaurant and tell them to write, “can’t w8 to C U!” in foam on top of her latte
This will make Rachel feel really special and once again, throw off any idea that you are going to bail.

Finally, text Rachel and tell her you’ve been in a motor scooter accident
Once Rachel is well settled in drinking her latte, text her letting her know you’ve been in a motor scooter accident, which she may think is suspicious because you don’t even own a Vespa. Either way, she will feel so bad that she’ll say its no problem and send a beautiful “feel better” orchid to your house. You got out of brunch and scored a stunning new centerpiece!

Voila! You have successfully avoided a morning of painful small talk with the DUFF.

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