How to Make Your Vagina More Cavernous Even Though That’s Not Medically Necessary or Advised

The practice may not be medically necessary, and it certainly isn’t medically advised; however, enlarging one’s vagina so that it may become more cavernous is the newest and hottest beauty trend of 2018.

Making one’s vagina more cavernous started as the Internet’s newest challenge. But what started as a fad amongst millennial YouTubers has quickly turned into a beauty regimen amongst the entire female population.

Enlarging the vagina is fairly painless! It turns out the Garra rufa fish from Turkey, used in many countries during pedicures to eat the dead skin cells off of patron’s feet, will essentially nibble away at the inside of vaginas as well. Just drop a few of these fish in the bath tub with you, and the fish will take over from there. You will obviously want your lady parts to be submerged under water for the fishes’ benefits; you’re not a freaking monster! For best results, you can do this for about twenty minutes a day for a month. This isn’t about science though; you just have to feel it out and do you, girl!

During my most recent pap smear, my gynecologist said that I should not be doing this, and that I could “get an infection,” but the Garra rufa is known more commonly as “Doctor” fish, so it’s clearly totally chill! It’s always good to get a second opinion, and the Garra rufa fish are basically the doctors of the sea. They know what they’re doing!

A more cavernous vagina can also better accommodate the penises that penetrate us. Sure, a lot of guys say they want it to be tight, but once inside, who wouldn’t choose first class over economy? 

Ultimately, this is about feminism. We’re making choices about our bodies and thinking about how that will affect that special penis in our lives. Even though, once again, this has not been medically tested or recommended! 

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