How to Sing Along To Taylor Swift While Still Reminding Everyone That You Hate Her

“Idk she just annoys me.”

It’s Friday night, and you’re pregaming in your apartment by taking shots of cheap tequila and gatorade with your roommates. Alyssa, who just got dumped by her boyfriend, decides to put on Taylor Swift to sing out her heartbreak. Even though you love her music, you don’t want your friends to suddenly think you actually like Taylor as a person. Here are some tips to how to sing along to Taylor Swift while still reminding everyone you hate her!

Only sing along to the choruses and during the verses, list all the reasons why she isn’t even that pretty

You can still sing along to the catchy parts of T-swift’s songs, but make sure that when the chorus ends you jump straight into a verse-long rant about how she’s really not even that interesting looking. For dramatic effect, pull up side by side pictures of you both in red lipstick and tell everyone that you look better!

Remind everyone that what she did to Calvin Harris was horrific

Between songs, tell all your friends that you think that she never should have left Calvin for Tom Hiddleston because 1) he looks like your grandpa and 2) Calvin is a musical genius and Taylor will never do any better. Maybe even turn on How Deep Is Your Love to really drive home the point that Taylor Swift sucks!

Justify your beliefs by saying “idk she just annoys me”

If your friends can’t believe you don’t embrace the musical queen for who she is, explain that you can’t really pinpoint your hatred for her, but it’s just a feeling you get when looking at her face.

Amazing! You were able to still enjoy your girly bop fest without compromising your strong belief that Taylor Swift is in fact just the worst. Check back next week for how to dance along to Chris Brown while still condemning what he did to Rihanna!


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