I Accidentally Paid $5.75 for a Latte and Now That’s Most of My Personality

This morning, just for kicks, I went to a new café for my morning coffee. It was a nice place – there was a cute barista named Tony, ferns everywhere, an iPad as a register. It felt great to be a customer somewhere so pleasant! I ordered my latte from Tony and handed him my credit card. By the time I saw the price, I was too late.

“Wait – $5.75? I actually only ordered ONE drink,” I threw him a little smile.

“Yep!” He left to make the latte, and I stood there and watched him seal my fate. I walked out of the quaint café, having just spent more than I ever had on a cup of bean water and hot milk.

By 9am, I had already told three people. One person twice.

“Not just expensive – it was OVER five dollars,” I said to a man in the elevator. He nodded sympathetically, but not sympathetically enough. I HAD to keep sharing my story.

Do you see where I’m coming from on this? I mean, that’s like, a latte and a half at my regular place. It’s almost a crime if I don’t keep talking about it.

I used to chat with friends about New Yorker articles, my psychotic ex-boyfriend, and my favorite exercise classes. While that’s great content, none of it can beat five DOLLARS and seventy-five CENTS… for a LATTE!

Now, my go-to topics are “What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a latte?” “Coffee is expensive these days… especially lattes!” and “Did I tell you how much I paid for a latte once?”

I’ll go back to that café tomorrow. I mean, I have to, right? That price point is pretty much all I’ve got now. See you then, Tony!

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