I Need to Be With a Girl Who Has a Sense of Humor, Even If I Don’t

When looking for a potential partner, the biggest thing I care about is if they’re funny. Being able to laugh at the silly things is what makes a relationship so special. That’s why I need to be with a girl who has a sense of humor, even if I don’t.

I’m not saying she has to be perfect. All I want is a beautiful, smart, athletic girl who also happens to have the comedic wits of Tina Fey. So what if my humor is combination of fart jokes and Barstool Sports fail videos?

When times get tough, it’s important to have someone who can lighten your mood. Relationships aren’t always perfect, so I want to date someone who can bring me up when I’m feeling down. Does she know any good jokes? What about celebrity impressions? Can she come up with a 5 minute sketch based on one random word pulled from a hat? I know I can’t, but she better be able to.

It’s also really necessary that my next girlfriend doesn’t take herself too seriously. If she trips in public, she should just be able to laugh it off. Me on the other hand? No way! My ego is way too fragile for that.

So while it may take some waiting, I’m going to hold out for the girl of my dreams. I won’t settle for anything less than a hilarious gal who somehow is able to look past my vanilla personality and see the real me: a super boring dude who thinks Tosh.0 is the benchmark for comedy.

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