I Tried Dressing Like A Kardashian For A Week And Realized That Everyone I Have Ever Known Will One Day Turn To Dust

The Kardashians have become true style icons over the past few years. But let’s be honest, some of the stuff they wear is super out there. So I decided to kardashify myself for a week and explore the sisters fashion, beauty, and life choices. What I learned? That everyone I have ever known will one day turn to dust.


Day 1

The first day I decided to go with one of the sisters’ athleisure looks. Because I couldn’t afford a $500 Yeezy jumpsuit, I pulled out a pair of nude leggings and stained leotard from my closet and threw them on instead. As I walked the streets in my first Kardashian ensemble, passersby started to do a double take. As I strutted my stuff, I began to think one day there will be nothing left but the mere memories of everyone I’ve ever known.


Day 2

After my exhausting first day, I decided to take it easy and wear a pair of ripped jeans, a satin bustier, louboutin heels, and an oversized chinchilla bomber. I had a lunch date with my friend (who, for the sake of the experiment, let’s just call my assistant) at a restaurant that served salad in huge plastic bowls. Though I looked like a fly biotch, my mind couldn’t stop swirling with thoughts of how when death approaches, we are no longer connected to the ones we love and therefore floating alone in the empty universe.


Day 3

On the third day, I decided to take it up a notch and rock a full evening gown. After getting a spray tan, full body wax, eyelash extensions, liposuction, and a quick tummy tuck, I threw on my award-show-worthy ensemble and went out for a night on the town. People couldn’t stop asking me who my stylist was, it felt great! But after a few tequila shots, I wasn’t able to forget that the universe would one day swallow all the things I hold dear to my heart and incinerate them in a fiery pit of nonexistence.


Though I was supposed to live like Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney for a whole seven days, I was too consumed by impending thoughts of doom to focus on my assignment. Instead, I fell down a deep rabbit hole of YouTube videos explaining what happens after we die. Bible!

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