I Would Call My Senator, But He Didn’t Call Me First

Has it really only been less than nine months under a Trump presidency? Wow. He and the Republicans have really worked hard to undo everything Obama accomplished in eight years. And while they have succeeded a bit here and here, they have also failed as well. Why? Well some people are saying our calls, letters, and emails to our reps have been working. And we shouldn’t stop because it will just get harder and harder. And I absolutely hear every single one of you who is telling me I need to call my senator. But he didn’t call me first, so why would I call him?

I’ve always held onto the firm belief that as women, we must be chased. If I make the first move, it creates a huge shift in the power dynamic and everything is off, kind of like if a woman would have won the presidency! So that’s why I NEVER text or call first. I refuse to even say hi to a guy if he doesn’t initiate the interaction. Why should calling my senator be any different?

My Republican senator, Dean Heller, is one of the Republicans that we were all hoping would’ve voted no on all that healthcare stuff in July. And he didn’t. Would it have helped if I called? Maybe, but we all still have healthcare, don’t we? Heller is also one of the swing votes needed to secure the passage of the Dream Act, which would give Dreamers a pathway to permanent legal status and citizenship. Do you think I’m going to call him this time? Absolutely not. But not because I’m not concerned–I really, truly am. I’m not going to call him because–how needy is that? And anyway, would he even return my call if I DID call him?

Family and friends all over Facebook have been pestering me to be more politically active: But Katie, this isn’t about you! This is about 800,000 immigrants who have spent nearly their entire lives here being deported! Have some compassion!!

Ok, yes, I hear you. But a) we’ve all made it this far and I haven’t picked up my phone yet and b)

have you ever called a dude without him responding? Do you know how humiliating that is? Leaving message after message and getting nothing back?  

I know, I know. I should be bold. I should fight for the rights of hundreds of thousands of innocent individuals who will be deported because of the president’s decisions. I should call my senator and ask him to not support any funding of the stupid wall. I should ask him to start impeachment proceedings for a president who is a nazi sympathizer. I should ask him to call for public hearings for Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Jr., or any of the other monsters that have been involved in all of that Russia stuff. I should call him and ask him to stand up for net neutrality. I should call him and tell him I will be sure to vote him out of office if he doesn’t start listening to his constituents and doing what he is paid to do and that I will fight harder than ever to campaign for his opponent come 2018. There are a lot of things I should do.  

But I can’t go against what I believe. Call me old fashioned, but I want to feel needed. I want to feel desired. And if Senator Heller doesn’t feel that way about me, then why should I put in the effort? But please to all of you reading, be a needy bitch for me, and call every day. Call twice a day for all I care. Because that’s your image, not mine. So please. Call your senators.

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