If My Boyfriend Gets Me An Arby’s Coupon For Valentine’s Day Again I Swear I’ll Maybe Break Up With Him

I know what everyone says, “Valentine’s Day has been ruined by consumerism. All the romance surrounding the day is dead.” I hear it, but I just can’t help it, Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday! I love celebrating my relationship by going out to a nice dinner and exchanging tokens of our love in the form of thoughtful gifts. After years and years of celebrating Valentine’s Day with different guys who turned out to be so wrong, I finally found a guy who is so right. This year we’ll be celebrating our second Valentine’s Day together.

Last year, my boyfriend Travis and I had only been dating for about a month and a half before Valentine’s Day rolled around. He hadn’t yet learned how big of a deal the day was to me. I didn’t want to tell him because I didn’t want to pressure him into doing something extravagant; I wanted him to decide to do something extravagant all on his own. So I blame myself for what happened.

Travis took me out to dinner after I hinted three or four time that I was hungry and was wearing my most expensive dress (he hadn’t made a reservation so the whole thing felt a little last minute but whatever, it was fine). Before the food arrived I handed him a large box wrapped in the cutest heart wrapping paper I’d found at Target, and I saw panic in his eyes. He didn’t realize we were exchanging gifts.

Here’s the thing, even though it had only been a month, we were already madly in love. So I don’t totally get why he was caught off guard by the gift exchange since at that point he knew me and knew my love language was gift giving. However, like I said, I didn’t tell him how big of a deal the day was to me, so I don’t blame him. In a moment of panic, after unwrapping the home brewery kit I’d gotten him as a sign of just how well I knew him, Travis reached into his wallet and pulled out a faded Arby’s coupon.

We didn’t speak for two weeks after that. It was a really cold two weeks so this was a big deal. I forewent borrowing his body heat to make a point. I eventually had to forgive him because I realized I’d given him no warning. It was just weird to me because Travis works as a greeting card writer so, like, he obviously knew Valentine’s Day was coming up and knew that typically gifts were exchanged. Whatever. We were so madly in love and were just such a great couple in every single way, I had to let it go. I framed the Arby’s coupon and hung it over the TV in my living room, and it’s a great talking piece now.

Our love has only grown stronger over this past year. Sure, Travis forgot my birthday, but it’s only because his mom’s birthday is right around the same time as mine so it’s confusing for him. And yes, he did stand me up as a date to my sorority sister’s wedding because his buddy got him last minute tickets to a minor league hockey game. And okay sure, he did borrow my car for a road trip with the boys and let his friend Skeets drive it and Skeets did sideswipe a guard rail while drag racing and neither of them offered to pay for the repairs. But that stuff happens in a relationship. Nobody’s perfect.

For Valentine’s Day this year I’m giving him a gift certificate for a helicopter ride over the city because he’s been fascinated by airplanes and helicopters since he was a little boy. I love Travis so much, but I have self-respect. I’m not going to put way more into this relationship than I’m getting out of it. If he gives me an Arby’s coupon again, I swear I’m going to maybe break up with him. I mean, I’ll think about breaking up with him. Eventually.

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