I’m Just a Carefree Spirit Who’s Already Planned Out My Next 7 Instagram Posts

I’m a born wanderer. A flower child. A fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. I’m just a carefree spirit who has already planned out my next 7 Instagram posts.

When I wake up in the morning, I have no idea where my day will take me. I love just exploring new neighborhoods and having nowhere to be. That is, unless there’s a super awesome farmer’s market happening in Brentwood where I can snap an adorable pic in my overalls.

All my friends always comment on how easygoing I am. They admire how I can just chill on the beach with a book in hand and enjoy the gift of life. What they don’t know? I was only there for 5 minutes because I hate the sun and also don’t know how to read.

Being a careless soul, a lot of the time I go makeup free. I’m a natural beauty who barely owns any makeup products (other than the mascara, lip gloss, blush, and eyeliner I have to promote as a part of my influencer contract with Kelly Clarkson’s K-mart makeup line).

I love my vagabond lifestyle that takes me on so many spontaneous adventures to places like Joshua Tree or Coachella. There’s nothing like having no job and taking the time to travel to the most instagrammable places on earth.

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