Inspiring! This YouTube Comedian Made A Parody Video That Women Of All Races Can Agree To Hate

Nicole Arbour, YouTube comedian and culture leach, wants you to know that you completely misunderstood her well intentioned parody of Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ video. Her so-called ‘Women’s Edit’ drew much criticism this week from people of all backgrounds. But according to Arbour, the world just didn’t get it.

“The original ‘This Is America’ was so important because of the way it made underrepresented people feel heard and empowered to raise their voice,” said Nicole. “Going into this, I knew I wanted to create something that took away everything important about the video and make it all about me.”

Arbour’s ‘Women’s Edit’ did just that. But along the way, it found new life and new purpose. What happened next would warm the hearts of all viewers.

“Everyone hated it. Women, men, non-binary folks… they all hated it.” Nicole shook her head in astonishment. “People of every creed, race, and religious background came together to shit on my video. It was truly inspiring.”

Being the incredibly thoughtful homunculus that she is, Arbour had advice for others who wish to create ill-advised parodies of well-crafted art.

“I truly believe the only way our nation can heal is by offering loud and unsolicited commentary any time someone has something thoughtful to say. Take it from me, I’ll never admit I’m wrong!”

Truly an inspiration to destroyers of joy everywhere!

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