‘It’s the Only Time I Can Go to the Gym This Week!’ Morgan Misses Another Protest

Ever since the political climate in the U.S. got messy, Morgan has started describing herself as an activist.

“It’s important to make a difference!” Morgan said when we spoke with her this week. “Sure – it’s a little embarrassing that I haven’t actually made it to any protests yet, but I’m still like, someone who WOULD, if that makes sense?”

Morgan’s coworker said she’s tried inviting her to protests after work, but Morgan said she couldn’t.

“She said something about how she hasn’t been able to exercise yet this week and this was her ONLY time to go,” said the coworker.

While Morgan values social justice, she also values her hip-hop yoga class.

“When I learned about like, civil rights and stuff in middle school, I always thought I’d be the one to lead protests in a time like this,” she said as she nibbled on homemade granola. “But I’m just so busy. I can’t get behind on This is US!’”

When asked if she had been finding alternatives to the protests, Morgan told us that was also difficult.

“My activist-y friends say calling your congressmen only takes a minute, but as soon as I open my phone to do it, I get distracted!” She smiled. “Sometimes I’ll re-tweet stuff, though, and I think that helps.”

Morgan hopes next time something like the women’s march comes up and she doesn’t have a spin class to attend, she’ll be able to make it.

“You’ll know if I do – I’ll put it on Instagram!”

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