Kelly’s Boyfriend Trevor Wins Consolation Bracket in Fraternity Beer Pong Tournament

Phi Gamma Alpha had some stiff competition this year.

After being relegated from the winner’s bracket due to a controversial bows call, Trevor and his broseph Spencer rallied to victory against the pledges in the losers bracket.

“There was a scare when Harry Weinstein hit bitch cup and then realized he wasn’t wearing his boxers,” said Trevor, while pouring back a celebratory Coors Banquet. “But thankfully, we didn’t have to see his dong tonight.”

Despite the losses at the big boy table, Trevor left with a sense of inflated confidence he hasn’t had since hitting on girls his first weekend of college.

Mark your calendars for next Saturday, where Trevor will get a chance to redeem himself with his Rumpelstiltskining skills at the Phi Gamma darty.

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