Lifehack! Woman Saved Thousands By Seeking Advice For Her Problems On Facebook Instead of Going to Therapy

Whitney Schaefer, 23, was just like the rest of us. She stressed out during finals, struggled with maintaining healthy relationships, and claimed to live “paycheck to paycheck”, despite constant support and money from her parents.

Those days, she kept her issues private, during regular therapy sessions. Then, one day, everything changed.

By making one simple switch, Whitney saved thousands of dollars and hours of wasted time. Her secret?

“I quit seeing my psychiatrist and started asking for personal advice online instead,” Schaefer shared, in a brave sentiment.

“I just logged onto Facebook and the status bar stared back, asking, ‘What’s on your mind, Whitney?’” She opened up. “And that’s when it hit me—like, I had a lot on my mind. And the world deserved to know.”

Feeling thoughtful, she typed all of her worries into a singular status. When she hit the ‘post’ button, the world learned that she was failing out of school and that her sleazy boyfriend, Sam, was cheating on her.

“Sux :/” Facebook friend Tod Perkins commented, compassionately. “U should move in with me ;)” Whitney would take him up on this offer, further conserving thousands more on rent each month.

By eliminating talk-therapy, mortifying her family, and moving in with this random dude, Whitney saved over four thousand dollars in just three months.

“Fiscal responsibility is sooo important. You could say I’m wealthy now, but I don’t think it’s changed me. Sure, I splurged almost all of my savings on one, giant Tiffany and Co paper clip, but underneath, I’m still the same humble gal.”

Truly an inspiration to us all! You go girl!

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