Millennial Women Really Want to Have Orgasms, But Too Lazy to Work for It

This generation has no work ethic!

Generation Y has been called everything from lazy to narcissistic to entitled. While they want instant gratification, millennials aren’t willing to put in the actual work to succeed. This growing epidemic is even more apparent when looking at the evidence that while millennial women really want to be having orgasms, they aren’t willing to actually work for them.

Women these days read in magazines that they too can be having mind-blowing, earth shattering orgasms. They start to think, and believe, that even if they’re  sleeping with a frat douche who thinks finger banging actually feels good, they are capable of climax. But for all their desire, where is their work ethic?

Millennial researcher Alek Von Housen points out the problem facing many young women.

“You can’t just have something because you want it,” says Alek. “You have to prove you’re worthy!”

Sex columnist Macy Green at Cosmopolitan tells us that while most women diligently read their advice column, many of them lose motivation to actually try their tips out in bed.

“I tell women, if you want to be getting the big O every time, you have to show some initiative!” says Macy. “My favorite tip is to lie flat on your back the whole time and imagine Dwayne the Rock Johnson going to town on your banana basket. That will really get you to cum!”

Like most millennials facing problems in their lives, they seem to turn to their parents to blame.

Take 21-year-old Abbi Creighton for example.

“It’s like our parents don’t understand,” says Abbi. “ My mom says that if I want to  have good sex, I just need to be promiscuous like they were in the 60s. Why do we have to put in all the work?”

Older generations are now telling Generation Y women that if they want to be having amazing sex, they need to actually put in some conceivable effort. And for the men? Just keep whipping your pecker around like you’re a gift from god! You’re doing amazing!

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