‘My Body, My Choice!’ Man Shouts at Girlfriend Who Bought Him Clothes

Local man, Tyler Jenkins, has decided enough is enough. Men everywhere are plagued by controlling girlfriends trying to tell them what to do with their bodies. And Tyler’s girlfriend, Jenna, isn’t any different. Jenna is constantly trying to tell Tyler what to wear. But last month, he decided it was time to put his foot down.

Tyler first tried calmly explaining what the problem was when Jenna pulled out a pair of Sperry’s and khakis. “This is my body,” he said. “I decide what happens to it and what I do with it. Me. Nobody else.”

But Jenna wouldn’t hear it. She told him he really needed to stop freaking out and being so emotional. It was just clothes. At that, Tyler’s blood began to boil. He flung around to look at Jenna, got in her face, and screamed, “This is MY BODY and MY CHOICE.” Then, he began to chant. “MY BODY, MY CHOICE! MY BODY, MY CHOICE! MY BODY, MY CHOICE!” Tyler’s chant continued while he marched around Jenna who just stood there in her living room, helpless.

“I had to take a stand. If I didn’t do something, I would continue to suffer, said Tyler “I should have domain over my own body. If she doesn’t like my old Cubs jerseys, that’s her fault. Not mine.”

Tyler also knows that his experience is universal. All of his friends deal with this type of control as well. “I have told all of my friends that they can do it too. It took courage, but it was worth it. Nothing has ever made me feel more manly. I put Jenna in her place. She knows not to try that again.”

Tyler is working to empower men everywhere by teaching them take back what their girlfriends have tried to claim as their own.

Tyler has said that since the incident, Jenna has gotten pregnant because, yeah, he refuses to use a condom. It feels better. Tyler also has refused to let Jenna get an abortion and told her that they will put the baby up for adoption instead.

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