New Documentary Follows Around Girl Who Lost Earring

She thinks she lost it at Tess’s, or wait, maybe at Brian’s barbecue?

Losing an earring can be one of the most stressful events in a young woman’s life. Netflix filmmakers are aware of this and have set out to capture this universal emotion that women feel.

The new documentary titled “Quest for the Missing Stud” follows around 19 year-old Stephanie Neil, a college sophomore at NYU. Stephanie gave us an exclusive interview about the film.

The Pink Canoe: Can you tell us a little about the documentary?

Stephanie: The film follows me around as I search for my misplaced earring. They were originally a gift from my ex-boyfriend TJ, and I would hate to never see them again.

TPC: Why are they still so important to you?

Stephanie: Well, TJ was basically the love of my life. He cheated on me with my cousin, but I never stopped loving him. Those earrings are the last piece of him I have left.

What do the earrings look like?

Stephanie: They are David Yurman pearl studs lined with small emerald stones. They bring out my eyes, which TJ loved. (inaudible sniffling)

TPC: Can we expect you to eventually find the missing earring?

You will just have to watch and see! And TJ, if you see this, please call me.

The film airs exclusively on Netflix this upcoming February.

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