QUIZ: Can You Do Me, Like, A Huge Favor?

Hey girl, it’s me, your co-worker Beth!

Are you busy right now?

  1. Yeah, sorry Beth.
  2. No, what’s up?
  3. You’re going to ask me anyway, so what does it even matter?

Oh my god, sorry, don’t even worry about it babe. It’s just that… *sigh* …

  1. Did you need something?
  2. No, seriously, what’s up?
  3. Bitch, we both know you’re still going to ask.

I’m like suuuuuper busy right now and I’m working on this huge project, you know?

  1. Sure, I know that.
  2. Totally understand. Did you need something?
  3. Beth you’ve been staring at your phone and dramatically sighing for the last twenty minutes, just ask me to do your side work so you can text your roommate about going to El Jefe’s.

…And Iike, I’ve been bogged down for-ev-er and I literally can’t get anything done, so I was just wondering…

  1. Yeah?
  2. Of course babe, I’ve got your back! How can I help?

Can you do me, like, a huge favor?

A’s, B’s, and C’s: 

Congratulations! Nothing you said or will say is going to change the outcome.

After what feels like an eternity of trying to get her to tell you what she needs, you will finally do Beth’s favor in the hopes of moving on with the rest of your day. 

She is super grateful for approximately thirty-two seconds and will be back for another invigorating round of this Pop Quiz Favor Game tomorrow. Yay!

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