Scientists Confirm Life Found on Bruno Mars

In a riveting twist, new NASA photos show definite signs of life on Bruno Mars. This finding is a potential boon for the future of extraterrestrial pop communication.

Since Mars’ debut in 2010, NASA has been closely studying him for signs of life.

“No earthly life form has a voice that pure,” says scientists Clark Geckler. “Mars showed all the signs for carrying otherworldly life forms; from his robot hair to his silky seal body, it is the perfect combination of traits for organisms to thrive.”

Scientists hope that this explosive discovery of life on Mars will lead the way to finding other life forms.

“We have a feeling Lady Gaga might have extraterrestrial origins, as well as Keanu Reeves,” says Geckler.

He says his division plans to conduct research on these subject early in 2019. NASA emphasizes the fact that these lifeforms are nothing to be afraid of, and can even help us understand not only the origins of stars, but origins of human existence.

Bruno Mars might be the answer to elusive questions of the universe that have gone unanswered for millennia. He could also just be a fun product of a capitalist society addicted to mass entertainment, but time will tell.

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