So Awkward: Woman Accidentally Texts RESIST To The Guy Who Ghosted Her

After the FCC voted last Thursday to repeal Net Neutrality, Isabel Edwards started to panic. Questions started flooding her mind: would she have to pay $14.99 to watch The Good Place? How would she stan the cast of Riverdale if she couldn’t afford Twitter? Isabel, who studied Political Science at Syracuse, knew she had to get her activist butt into action ASAP. So she decided to do the only thing she knew could help: text the Resistbot. But instead of contacting her congressmen, Isabel did something completely and totally awkward.

“I went to the text the Resistbot, but I ended up texting the guy who ghosted me 3 months ago!” says Isabel.

While it’s unclear how you could confuse ‘50409’ with the name ‘Kyle’, we continued to investigate Isabel’s story.

“It was even more embarrassing, because he’d obviously deleted my number,” says Isabel, showing us the text on her phone. “I feel like such an idiot.”

Kyle stopped talking to Isabel after they’d gone on three dates. While Kyle declined to comment on the reason he ghosted, we’re assuming it was because Isabel accidentally liked a picture of him and his ex-girlfriend on Instagram from 37 weeks ago.

“I guess there’s no recovering from that… or this either,” says Isabel, who tried to change her phone number, address, and legal name after this painfully awkward experience.

While some might never get over such an encounter, Isabel is seemingly already looking on the bright side.

“At least it looks like I care about social issues!” says Isabel, who never got around to texting RESIST to the right number.

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