Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ Review: Why The Fuck Did It Take Place In Sacramento?

Like a lot of the country/world/galaxy, I grew up as a big Star Wars fan. The tales taught me about good vs. evil, they taught me about morality, they taught me about hope. So, naturally, when I heard about The Last Jedi coming out, I was pumped. That was, of course, until I saw it. There’s a level of disbelief you have to have with ANY Star Wars movie, but I have to tell you, I didn’t have a fucking clue as to why it took place in Sacramento.

Where was the force in this movie? Where was Luke? Where was Leia? For Christ’s sake, I would have settled for Admiral Ackbar. The Last Jedi had none of them. Also, I know that Star Wars is technically a movie about family, but did it have to be about THIS much family? It seemed like 70% of the plot was about the protagonist’s relationship with her mother!

Maybe it was the switch in directors from JJ Abrams to Ryan Johnson, but the pacing felt very different in this movie. One minute she’s dating a theater kid, the next minute she’s going to prom with a goth. How about some minutes with a lightsaber? And yeah, it had some of those classic Star Wars punchy dialogue moments, but overall, it bore almost NO relation to the past George Lucas films.

I’m just disappointed. Disney is ruining this series. They can sell all the toys they want, I want my damn galaxy back. Like, cool, she applied to college, who gives a rats ass? Did Obi Wan apply to college? No. Didn’t exactly see Han Solo filling out applications. I understand the series was getting a bit repetitive, but they jumped the fucking shark.


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