Stepfather Upset Melissa’s Real Father is Getting All the Credit For Her Daddy Issues

Keith Ackerman, 65, has once again been overshadowed by his stepchildren’s biological father, Mark Donnelly. After Mark and his wife Sheila (who share a son and daughter) split up, Sheila remarried Keith, a physical therapist from Cincinnati. After being together for almost a decade, Keith considers Sheila’s children his own, which was why it was so upsetting to find out that his step daughter, Melissa’s, daddy issues had absolutely nothing to do with him.

“I’ve been around since Melissa was 13, which is a really formative age for young women,” explains Keith. “I thought that I’d have more of an effect on her negative relationships with men, but noooo, once again her father gets all the credit.”

Melissa, whose biological father became somewhat distant after the divorce, has begun displaying textbook daddy issue behavior. She started a dating a senior when a freshman, and when that ended, had a string of not-so-nice boyfriends.

“I’m not the perfect stepfather or male role model,” admits Keith, “and I should get credit for that!”

Keith and Mark have a long history of arguing how to best raise the two children. While Mark may be an absent parent, he still receives praise for a lot the work Keith believes he’s done.

“I barely listen Melissa, or show her affection,” says Keith. “I even missed her high school graduation for a fishing trip. I promise, I’M NOT PERFECT!”

Melissa disagrees. She says Keith is actually a really nice step father and she’s happy to have him as a steady male figure in her life. Sorry, Keith! Looks like this one goes to Mark.

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