Sure, Kamala Harris Destroyed Jeff Sessions But Did You See What She Was Wearing?

By now, you’ve definitely heard of how Senator Kamala Harris from California ripped apart Jeff Sessions in his hearing on Tuesday. And yeah, she did an incredible job. The Attorney General told her she was “making him nervous” and constantly interrupted her but she kept pushing right along, questioning him without letting anything slide. Women everywhere were shouting Kamala’s name from the rooftops. Democrats everywhere were saying she seems to be prepping for a 2020 election.

But one thing everyone neglected to talk about? Her stupid, ugly outfit.

Never mind the fact that Harris was the first woman, Jamaican American, Asian American, Indian American, and African American Attorney General to serve the state of California. Because that isn’t what’s important right now. I mean, a grey blouse under a grey suit jacket? Who is she kidding?

Who told her grout fits were in again? Were they ever in? No wonder Jeff Sessions had a stupid little grin on his face the entire time she was questioning him. He was staring at the excessive amounts of pearls around her neck that didn’t match her earrings at all.

And yeah, ok sure, she’s one of the first biracial female senators ever in the history of our country. Which I’d love if her hair didn’t look like such garbage! Maybe all those male senators would have stopped interrupting her if she would have bothered to pick up a hairbrush at some point in her life.

Despite the fact that she made the Keebler Elf that is Jeff Sessions cringe in fear and she hammered him like no one else in the room had the guts to do, Kamala Harris is essentially worthless because she can’t apply makeup correctly. Someone please give this woman a Kim Kardashian contouring tutorial.

So yes, Kamala Harris destroyed Jeff Sessions in his hearing and did what no other congressman was bold enough to do. She fought tooth and nail and proved Sessions to be a lying, deceiving, money grubbing, corrupt devil. She was interrupted time and time again, and continued on despite the entire committee trying to silence her. I love Kamala Harris, she is an inspiration to all women everywhere. But please, someone teach her how to smile.

(Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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