The Admissions System Is Rigged: College Freshman Topher Should Be Able to Join SAE Even Though His Daddy Only Makes a Million Dollars a Year

Trump’s recent war on affirmative action has a lot of people up in arms. Sure, its sad that policies that sought to rid discrimination from the admissions process could be wiped out by one man’s racist ideology. But something even sadder is happening to college freshman Topher Powers. He is not going to get a bid from SAE because his daddy only makes a million dollars a year.

Topher Powers, a freshman at Ole Miss, has dreamed about being in SAE ever since he heard one of the brothers call a girl a slut at a foam party. Over the course of three months he tried his hardest to fit in with the rich, elitist fraternity chapter, but despite his best efforts, he didn’t make the cut. When asked how much money his father makes, Topher reluctantly had to say he only made one million dollars a year.

“My father works as a minimally successful hedge fund manager,” says Topher who is still licking his wounds. “We have two vacation houses and I have my own amex, but I guess that wasn’t enough.”

SAE at Ole Miss has a strict ‘trust fund policy’ that has been in place ever since they got back on campus in 2006.

“We have to know that our brothers can meet the financial demands of our chapter,” says fraternity president Logan Pittman. “Plus, how will he be able to afford the annual chapter trip to Aspen?”

Topher has started speaking out publicly about this unknown discrimination. He wants America to know that the odds are stacked against him and those who do not have the financial means to prove their undying loyalty to a bunch of waspy morons.

So while there may be a conversation going on about affirmative action, maybe it’s time to be a little more inclusive on other issues. While people are thinking about the minorities, who is thinking about Topher?

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