The Strongest Women I Know Are The Ones With Anxiety…And Denise, She Can Bench Press Like 200 Pounds

The strongest women I know are the ones who are constantly battling their anxious thoughts. Also Denise, because she can bench press like 200 pounds and it’s pretty impressive.

Women with anxiety are powerful, because even when their thoughts tell them they aren’t good enough, they still shows up. Also Denise is super tough, she just finished 2nd in the Gold’s Gym Women’s Physique competition and secured a GNC sponsorship.

Women who constantly suffer from self-conscious thoughts but somehow manage to be compelling forces of nature are incredible. Also Denise, who at the age of 13, beat out the whole varsity wrestling team for a chance to compete against Gary Bernstein, the 250 pound senior from Louisville.

The fiercest women I know are the women who, even when they feel inferior, don’t let it show. And don’t forget about Denise, the brawny she-male who rescued me from crushing under the weight of my Toyota Camry after a brutal car crash.

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