‘They Will Not Win!’ Trump Finally Comments on Naz—Oh Just Kidding He’s Talking About the Media Again

At a press conference last week, Donald Trump stood in front of dozens of members of the media and yelled. He yelled a lot. But this time, he yelled what we’ve all been thinking and hoping and praying he’d say. He started by yelling “They will not win!” and Americans were finally able to look on at their president proudly. After recent events in Charlottesville and around the country, this was the moment we all have been waiting for.

The president continued at his press conference to say, in his endearing, disjointed way, “They are terrible, horrible, disgraceful, people. They don’t understand–they are not–they don’t–they don’t know right from wrong, ok? We cannot support them in any way, shape or form, you understand?”

Americans were all sitting on the edges of their seats. He finally did it. This is the moment. We are all a little less scared because he finally denounced nazis. I mean that’s something we can all agree on now, right? Nazis suck! He is talking about how we all must come together and fight against the KKK! He is saying racists will not be tolerated! He is saying white supremac–oh, wait, just a second.

Never mind. He’s talking about the media again. Forget it, we’re all fucked.  

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