This Coworker’s Gonna Tell You About How Whole30 is Going Even Though You Didn’t Ask

Watch out, Tiff just started Whole30 and she’s going to tell you all about it! It doesn’t matter when you take your lunch break, or how you time out your bathroom breaks, or how late you leave the office at night. Tiff is going to corner you to tell you all about Whole30.

Did you know that it was actually her boyfriend’s sister that got her into it? Weird, right? Because Tiff’s boyfriend’s sister usually isn’t in to these sorts of things but apparently her boyfriend’s sister’s oral hygienist told her about it, and her oral hygienist learned about it from her brother’s fiancé, who’s a fitness model on Instagram. So Tiff decided to give it a try, and honestly? It’s going so well.

Tiff says it’s hard for sure, but so far really worth it. Tiff has sooo much more energy now and just feels better, you know? Well, maybe you don’t know. But if you tried Whole30 you would. Seriously you should consider trying it. It’s really worth it. Like, Tiff is only one week in, but she already feels results!

Definitely the hardest part so far is cutting out sugar. Tiff has such a sweet tooth. And you can’t have fake sugar either, or even honey or anything like that! Crazy, right? Isn’t honey supposed to be good for you? Whatever. So now she has to drink plain tea which is kinda gross but also kinda real, you know? Like so “one with the earth”.

Okay yes, Tiff did cheat a little…but just once! She went to her cousin’s bridal shower and had one tiny glass of champagne! She had to! And she also had one cute little pink cocktail because it would’ve been so rude not to. But that’s it. Oh and also when she and her boyfriend went to the movies she had two handfuls of his popcorn but really that’s it. (Plus one Ferrero Rocher the other night because there was only one left in the box and she wanted to be able to throw the box away. But that’s it.)

Honestly, Tiff is so proud of herself. She always sets out to do these diets and never actually follows through. She knows she can easily do three more weeks of this. She’s got a little bet going with herself…if she completes the Whole30, she’s going to go to Kate Spade and buy this purse she’s been eyeing. It’s so cute! And it would go perfectly with the dress she picked out to wear to her cousin’s wedding.

Anyway, Tiff wants to know what’s new with you! How was your weekend? Oh, hang on, sorry, her dog walker is calling. She has to take this. Talk soon!

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