This Woman Got Her Dream Body And Then She Gave It Away To The Poor

For some women, achieving the perfect beach body is the ultimate cause for celebration. But for Gina DeWitt, 26, the real joy came from… giving her beach body away to the poor!

For over six-months, Gina worked out daily and maintained a stringent low-carb diet in hopes of achieving the perfect beach body in time for Memorial Day. But last week, after Gina finally attained the strong, lean and curved physique of her dreams, she had a shocking realization: someone probably needs this kickin’ bod more than I do.

After some serious soul-searching, Gina ultimately decided to donate her killer bikini body to Hope Village, a local homeless shelter.

“Those people have NOTHING,” she explains, gravely. “Me? I have a symmetrical face AND a good ass.” 

 Gina’s friends are touched, but not surprised, by her decision to donate her beach body.

“It’s so heartwarming,” says one friend, Shelby Wallace. “If I were her, I’d totally throw on a sexy bikini and go steal someone’s boyfriend. But Gina is such a good person. She just gives and gives.”

Hope Village, for its part, has accepted Gina’s beach body with gratitude. The organization’s VP of Fundraising, Claire Kane, says, “All contributions are appreciated, though some are more useful than others.”

Claire notes that the charity is still in dire need of gently-used winter coats and children’s shoes.

 Meanwhile, Gina’s donation has been passed on to Callie, a homeless teen. Callie thanks Gina, saying, “Would I have preferred a warm meal? Sure. But it’s the thought that counts. I guess.”

 Gina’s beach body will not be tax deductible, but it will be hot as hell!

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