Trader Joe’s Breaks Into Choreographed Dance When Woman Remembers to Bring Reusable Bags

What started off as a normal Saturday for Chicago local Tracy Clark turned into a day she’d never forget, and it all happened before noon. The 31-year-old yoga instructor knew she needed to go grocery shopping after that morning’s yoga class.

“Most Saturday’s I’ll stop at Trader Joe’s on my way home from teaching class. I love it there. They always have samples in the back,” Tracy continues, “but usually when I rush out the door before class I forget to bring my reusable bags for later. It’s a shame because I have so many cute totes. Like a crazy amount. I kind of collect them.”

According to Tracy, a few years ago word got out to her friends that she liked tote bags, and from then on they were all she ever received as gifts. For all holidays, birthdays, and milestones, her friends would get her different tote bags.

“It’s great,” Tracy shares, “because like obviously I love the Earth. I feel so at one with it. That probably stems from my yoga practice, but it’s more than that. I’ve always been a very Earth-conscious person, you know? So I feel so guilty using plastic bags, and even paper bags. Because those kill trees.”

On that pivotal Saturday however, Tracy did something she’d always meant to do: she filled one tote bag with four more tote bags, and brought it to yoga class with her.

“It was like a lightbulb turned on inside me. It was my third eye chakra, for sure. I was just like ‘Wait Tracy, don’t leave yet. Not without your totes.’”

After yoga, Tracy rushed to Trader Joe’s, excited to put her totes to use.

“I went a little overboard and bought more than usual as a treat for remembering my bags. I even bought bread, which I usually avoid. I also bought a bunch of boxes of K-Cups, which I heard aren’t great for the environment but I haven’t seen proof. And they were on sale.”

What made this day even more special happened when Tracy approached the checkout.

“I know everyone at TJ’s, since I’m there every week. And I always go to Derrick’s counter because we flirt a little and he slips me a bag of mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups. And he always teases me for forgetting my bags. But this time I marched up to the counter, right past everyone else in line, and was like ‘Derrick look! Look at my totes!”’

What happened next was a scene right out of a terrible romantic comedy. Mary Jarvenson, a regular customer at Trader Joe’s, witnessed the event.

“It was very strange,” recalls the 81-year-old, “this young woman cut everyone in line, shouting ‘My totes! My totes!’ The cashier looked at her and a single tear rolled down his cheek. Then he rang that big bell that they have at each register and announced, ‘Her totes!’ What are these totes? Anyway, at that point the entire store broke into a dance. It was like one of those flash mob videos from the internet. And I was dancing too! I don’t know how I knew the moves, but I was doing them right along with everyone else. It wore me out. I was stuck at home in bed for three days afterwards.”

“I know the dance was Mother Earth’s energy channeling through all of us in Trader Joe’s that day as a ‘thank you’ to me,” insists Tracy. “She’s thankful I remembered my totes, and am working so hard to protect her. And that’s why I do what I do: for the appreciation.”

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