Tragic: When This Model Fell Down During the VS Fashion Show, The Other Models Snuck Into Her Bag and Stole Her Adderall

During last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, model Ming Xi took an unfortunate fall. Like a really really bad fall. While model Gizele Oliveira helped her up, the crowd cheered on the Angel as she got back to her feet.

Though Ming proved on stage she wouldn’t let her tumble hold her back, back stage things were going terribly wrong. Upon hearing that Ming had been distracted by her fall, the other models took the opportunity to take advantage of Ming during her most vulnerable hours. Knowing they only had a few minutes before Ming came backstage, the other models snuck into her bag and stole her Adderrall prescription.

“It was so mean and unprofessional,” says freshman model Aiden Curtis. “Also pretty annoying they didn’t grab enough for me since I would’ve loved to pop an addy at the after party.”

Speculations about the use of uppers in the model community have been spreading for years, but this recent stunt highlights the severity of the issue.

“These models need to keep things professional,” says the show’s Director Adam Brooks. “If you’re going to steal, at least make sure no one finds out.”

Ming Xi, who has been receiving tons of press coverage after her trip, was totally upset to hear she had been the victim of such a prank.

“It just sucks,” says Ming. “The thing is, I would’ve shared my stash with them. The VS Angels are known for being super sharing with their drugs, so the models should’ve known better.”

Victoria’s Secret announced Wednesday they would be launching a full investigation into this matter. Stay tuned for updates.

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